Hailing from the dark abyss of Sweden, Ledinsky stands at a staggering 6 feet and half-an-inch tall and weighs an impressive 205 lbs. Look deeply into his sea foam eyes and you'll find the heart of a poet, songwriter, card-carrying feminist, lover of canines and cannabis, and aspiring happy idiot.

"My mother said to always fight for love, never over money. That said, I remember there were always arguments over money growing up. I chased financial security from an early age, and for a long time I was lost. When my parents both abruptly passed it sent an electric shock that resuscitated my heart; that was their last gift to me. I decided to not give a fuck about anything ever again, apart from love and happiness. I've been writing songs for a minute. I've had the fortune to make music with some amazing artists, and it did bring a lot of dog food... but I knew I had to do something that was more than that."

"High Society"

A bird woke me up one morning and sang to me. I stumbled down into my basement where I keep my music stuff, and 30 minutes later the song was finished. It's a mission statement: to focus on what makes you truly happy and disconnect yourself from what doesn't. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy set to save my life, and yours, if you want it to.

"Peace & Love"

The song is a bit corny, like most of my songs, but it's honest. Dave Sitek played some amazing guitar parts like only he can. That made it beautiful too.


More than being about Donald Trump, it's about a love for America, my adoptive parent. Donald Trump is a symbol for a regression into darkness, the end stop of the Chicago model. The frontier was once the Wild West, then the moon...now it's a wall. They be bringing the 30's back both in America and on the alpine tops of Europe, and look where that got us the last time. I wrote it on the 14th of June 2016. I was just gonna send it to some friends, but Nadya from Pussy Riot told me I should put it out, so it's her fault really.

"Bankman Came Took the House Away"

Well, it is what it is. For a long time, I used to think the banks murdered my parents. It was a comforting thought for a while. I wrote it when I was 15 or something, I think.

"What It Takes"

Lord, she knows what it takes. It takes everything.

The High Society EP was recorded the spring of 2016 and features five songs written, produced and performed by Ledinsky. Other players on the EP include Dave Sitek from TV On The Radio, Erik Hassle, and David Sandstrom from Refused.

Ledinsky is a U.S. immigrant who resides in a happy home on a hill in Los Angeles, California.

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