Ladies of LCD Soundsystem

About Ladies of LCD Soundsystem:

Ladies of LCD Soundsystem
is a DJ tour with Nancy Whang and Gavin Rayna Russom. The tour is a celebration of their work as solo artists, and an exploration of their music beyond their work with LCD Soundsystem as keyboard player/vocalist and synthesist respectively.

As the two women in LCD Soundsystem, Nancy and Rayna have worked with and contributed to the design of complex electronic rigs, in addition to building their portfolio outside of the band with a number of projects in diverse media, and as solo DJs who have played internationally.

Nancy and Rayna have been dedicated to various forms of activism over their extensive creative careers, and continue to provide a platform and visibility to marginalized voices with each stop of the tour featuring local women and non-binary artists as support.

About Gavin Rayna Russom:

Gavin Rayna Russom
is a New York based multimedia artist, DJ and composer of electronic music. Using the analog and digital synthesizer she has produced a body of extremely influential art and music over the last 15 years. She has created work as a solo artist and in collaboration, most notably as a member of LCD Soundsystem. In addition to recording and performing music, she also creates the visual elements for her work. Part of Rayna's vision is to combine academia, music and art, to transform culture through spiritual ideas, using nightlife as a medium to connect with people's daily lives.

Dubbed as LCD Soundsystem's "Synth Genius" by Piotr Orlov in NPR, Rayna says "There is no done" on the dialogue between creation and identity

About Nancy Whang:

Nancy Whang
is one of the most sought-after vocalists in the underground and alternative dance music scenes, referred to "as a sort of Loleatta Holloway figure for the DFA era" by Pitchfork. The NY-based musician & DJ has toured the world as a solo artist and with her bands LCD Soundsystem and The Juan MacLean performing at acclaimed music festivals and clubs. Nancy is among the few who can lay claim to being a key figure in the early days of the rise of DFA Records, and her worldwide DJ sets at various after-parties and special events remain faithful to the post-punk party aesthetic upon which DFA was founded.

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