“I love going where I’m not supposed to go. I love being the underdog, I’ve always loved being the underdog. I love feeling like I’m starting at square zero again. I thrive on it,” says k.d. lang. She’s talking about touring with her new band, the Siss Boom Bang, and the prospect of playing in some fresh settings, but the sentiment could just as well describe the making of Sing it Loud, her first record made entirely with a band of her own since the pair of albums with the Reclines that launched her career.

Highlights from those early cow-punk recordings were collected in 2006’s Reintarnation while 2010’s Recollection showcased the broad range of styles she explored thereafter. Last year, as she celebrated the 25th anniversary of her recording debut, lang found herself being pulled back to square zero, yearning to hear country music at sound checks and longing for the richly collaborative experience that comes from being part of a band

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