Passion, talent, determination. These are three words that come to mind when describing Hope Waidley, a singer, and songwriter who has been following her dream to create beautiful songs that are powerfully poignant and viscerally able to connect with the audience.

Hope can be soft-spoken and understated, whispering quiet lyrics with her trusty acoustic guitar -- but she can also roar, allowing her iconic voice to soar on top of the instrumental melodies.

Hope has been writing her own songs ever since she was only six years old, following her life-long dream of wanting to become a professional singer. She hopes that her music can bring people together in unity, that is truly where her heart is, and music is a way to get there. Naturally, she has continued to evolve and develop a truly distinctive sound. Her songs aren't easy to categorize: she uses her creativity to make music that goes beyond genre limitations.

At the end of the day, what's even more striking than Hope's creativity is undoubtedly her honest songwriting. Through her lyrics, she can open up her heart and tell stories that anybody can relate to. A good example? Don't miss out on "Closure," one of her most recent release.

The song is spreading like wildfire, with millions of people taking to online platforms to stream the song and enjoy Hope's heartfelt melodies. The song has a lovely build-up, with a defining vocal hook. When you thought it couldn't get sweeter, it just does, and Hope delivers one of her best performance to date on this release. Hope loves meeting new people and collaborating with exciting fellow artists, songwriters, and producers in the process.

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