Haiku Hands are the energetic, multi-disciplinary, anti-establishment answer to all your dance floor dreams. Known for their fusion of hi-energy electro-pop-rap music, and an unquenchable thirst for good times, they quickly command their room, whipping crowds into a frenzy of movement and madness.

Exploding onto the scene with their debut single ‘Not About You’, the unapologetic trio -- Bea, Claire and Mie -- are making waves across the globe, earning a fierce reputation for themselves and their raucous live performances that guarantee to leave the crowd in a psyched-up, sweaty mess. Since it’s release, ‘Not About You’ has had over 2.7M plays on Spotify. Even more, it was featured on world-renowned choreographer Brian Friedman’s school of dance ‘Imma Space’ with over 1.3M views on YouTube. Their track ‘Jupiter’, which has been lauded as a “daring crossover of CSS and the Gossip” (NME), has garnered an equally impressive 1.3M plays on Spotify. There is no mistaking that their choreographed dance routines and big beat sounds are designed to make the crowd get down low.

On the heel of their breakthrough performances at the UK’s Great Escape, Haiku Hands has been touted by NME as “a thrilling pop hybrid” in the vein of Beastie Boys and Azelia Banks, and “Australia’s most electrifying pop prospect”. This year alone, they’ve headlined a much-anticipated national headline tour this year, toured with Groovin the Moo festival, supported the likes of Bloc Party in Australia, and Japanese quartet CHAI on their US tour -- these ladies show no sign of slowing down. With the latest video release for their recent single ‘Dare You Not To Dance’, an upcoming support for Sofi Tucker on their US tour, and new music piped for 2020, if this year is any indication of what’s to come, the future is looking bright for Haiku Hands.

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