FUTURE FEATS is a Los-Angeles based alternative pop band led by a manic-pop-deranged singer-songwriter, that just goes by the name Josh.

Writing songs since a very young age, Josh brought his musical stylings to venues around Wilmington, North Carolina and the city of Chicago before a series of impactful life events led him to a much needed trip of self-actualization. These events proved to be a catalyst, enabling true inspiration for creating music that would be released as FUTURE FEATS.

Before FUTURE FEATS, he struggled to find hope for his musical career and beyond. While sleeping on a friend’s couch one night in Chicago, Josh stared out at the skyline from a 21st floor balcony and considered giving up. This defining moment awoke a period of necessary introspection and served as the inception for “Cities in Wonder,” the first song written for FUTURE FEATS.

“Storytelling is an essential survival tool for any artist attempting to be something more than just surface material we all tend to sift through,” says Josh, “Everything became much clearer once I started allowing events from my past to be used as inspiration for all future material.”  FUTURE FEATS’ music is an unapologetically sincere representation of Josh’s narrative. It details his journey of learning to let go of the pitfalls and pressures that trapped him within a feeling of impossibility, from struggles with substance abuse, to falling in love at a Hollywood house party, to deceit that ended in heartbreaking divorce.

In 2014 Josh’s anthemic demo about young, fun and reckless nights, “27”, caught industry attention, landing FUTURE FEATS a publishing and recording contract. Soon after moving to Los Angeles to focus on what will be FUTURE FEATS’ debut album, Josh met integral collaborator/producer Justin Warfield. Together they forged a creative bond that would ultimately become an honest representation of Josh’s turbulent life in an album-worth of recorded material or twelve songs to be exact.

“This album that I’ve been graciously allowed is about so much more than just embracing all of the outtakes and mistakes, says Josh. “It’s a formula I’ve concocted in order to continue this begrudged pursuit of happiness, and it is now, with a heart full of love and understanding, an idea that will hopefully excite first-time listeners and lengthen the life of a story that has still yet to be told." 

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