Cultura Profética wants to "Llevarte allí" (Take You There) into their 9th studio album.

After 22 years making music, the Puerto Rican reggae roots band has earned bragging rights for:

  • Being a digital phenomenon for having surpassed the 1 billion mark on YouTube.
  • Becoming the first Latin American independent band to record a Spotify Singles
  • Staying true to the essence of being independent artists (no record label or
    production company).

Cultura Profética is one of the most acclaimed Latin bands thanks to their reggae vibes but also for their artistry in mixing genres that sway from bossa nova, jazz, and tango to Afro-Caribbean and Latin American expressions as the highlight of their cadences.

Called "the Lords of Latin Reggae” (OC Weekly), the band has been hard at work since 1996 achieving their success and loyal following organically. Their mission and message are clear: to capture the pulse of the world and use their voice to educate masses on the issues impacting all communities. For them, solidarity is their main tune.

Their fans know they always deliver a sort of out-of-soul experience in their live concerts, which are consistently sold-out. The enthusiasm and powerful presentations have won them respect and love, from not just their audience, but their peers. Cultura earned the trust and admiration of Sr. Errol Brown, esteemed audio engineer for Bob Marley, and have worked together throughout their career. With the sound legend by their side, the band became the only Latin-Americans to record with the help/blessing of the mythic Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston, Jamaica.

With their heartfelt rhythm, trending lyrics and passion for their craft the band has been awarded the prestigious Golden and Silver Seagull Awards (Gaviota de Oro y Plata) at the historic Viña del Mar Festival, in Chile. Cultura has also been nominated for the Billboard Latin Music Awards and worked alongside music stars like Ziggy Marley, Shaggy, and Lauryn Hill among others.

Just last year, the Puerto Rican band founding members, Willy Rodríguez, Eliut González and Juan Omar Silva, alongside Juanqui Sulsona, became the first Latin American independent band to record a Spotify Singles session. The reggae roots legends performed a reinvigorated version of “Hasta la noche (Ilegal),” as well as a cover of Al Green's classic “Love and Happiness” with Cultura's magical touch. “Ilegal,” which was part of the album La Dulzura, is the band's most listened song on Spotify where they have 1.7 million listeners and 1.5 million monthly followers.

Not satisfied with all the accolades won over their musical career which has produced such diverse albums like Canción de Alerta, Ideas Nuevas, Diario or M.O.T.A., the band is always looking to keep it fresh and bring new roots to their music.

Although it's been nine years since the release of the last album, the beat hasn’t stopped, and the band didn’t disappoint with the singles "Saca, Prende y Sorprende" (2014), "Le Da Igual" (2015), and "Música Sin Tiempo" (2017).

Until the awaited released of their ninth studio album, which will celebrate timeless music, social impact, borderless unity, and freedom of speech the band will tease its fans with a new single titled "Caracoles." The upcoming song, where the band explores, in a sort of open-heart letter, the complexity of making music and being an artist, is without a doubt a song that will be the talk of the town.

The reggae artists have cemented their status as one of the most successful Latin music starts of all time signing about social inequality, government corruption, the legalization of cannabis and an overreaching arc of love.

“With a career that includes eight bestselling albums, Cultura Profética not only has impacted the musical world thanks to its intelligent and sophisticated fusion of different musical genre but also its unquestionable social and cultural impact,” Boom’s Linda Carta said about the band considered a sort of social movement.

Cultura Profética is more than a band; it’s a social movement. Since their inception in 1996, Cultura has organically built an unwavering fanbase not just within their home of Puerto Rico but across the world.   Arguably one of the most important bands in Latin music, Cultura plays with a fusion of rhythms, sounds, atmospheres and lyrics that cannot be classified. They have consistently been able to go beyond the art of creating music with lyrics that cover an overreaching arc of love, social inequality, government corruption and the legalization of cannabis. They’re currently recording their 9th album, celebrating 22 years of timeless music, social impact, borderless unity and freedom of speech.

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