Bree Runway is a truly independent and modern-day artist. She has quickly grown a strong fanbase with no team or backing, gained over 30 million views on her DIY videos across social media, received support from places like Hunger Magazine, MTV and her latest single Butterfly has just been added to the Radio 1Xtra Playlist.

Bree's ultimate aim is to encourage women "to love themselves, to own their pussy and run the world!" On the single, Bree explains, "It's about freeing themselves from wishy washy unappreciative men, ditching the dick and the cocoon and stepping out to be a beautiful free butterfly."

Inspired by pop videos and fashion from the '80s, Bree's intentions are "[for] all girls especially black girls be able to stand up and say NO I AM A FREAK, you can be a Gaga or a Kate Bush too... you can be crazy, wild, colourful, sexy and ooze hoe fashions... you don't have to fall into this set boring pathway."

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