BOO Seeka's synths and beats keeps the energy sizzling like a neon sign on the Miami strip. The Sydney hip-hop-psych-soul/dream-tronic project begun an outlet for a couple of musical experiments, a testing ground for new sounds. And it's growing, multiplying and producing delicious sounds. Their debut single, "Kingdom Leader" was premiered and featured as Song of the Week on The track made blog and radio waves abroad with features on The Music Ninja and LaBelle Musique and received airplay on KCRW (California), and on XFM in the UK.

A song that drips sexual foreplay and massages the soul. A combination of pulsating synthsounds that bed down layered textures of electronic bass and percussive beats. The sonic stimulations throughout the track enthral, and asks you to delve deeper with every second of the song. The single peaked at #6 on the Australian iTunes Electronic chart. 'Kingdom Leader' was also placed on high rotation on Triple J and played on community stations around the country.

Influenced by the layerings and experimental beats of Major Lazer, the cool swagger of J-Dilla and The Seed 2.0's Cody Chestnutt's soulful vocal delivery. BOO SEEKA snaps up melodies and bounces them off hip-hop/R&B driven grooves and beats that vibe. After releasing 'Deception Bay' and 'Fool,' Boo Seeka proves that they are masters of stringing lush melodies with vibing beats. Both singles was put onto Triple J's rotation hit list it's week of release.

2015 have seen Boo Seeka tour the country with Kim Churchill, Sticky Fingers and SAFIA. Supporting each band on their respective National Tours around Australia. Followed by 2 SOLD OUT Headline single tours of the east coast. 2015 also included two 6 week tours of Europe, playing shows in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Holland and the UK. Supporting DMA's, Jarryd James, Kovacs in the EU and also showcasing at The Great Escape in the UK.

They're gearing up for their first album, to be released in the third quarter of 2016.

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